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How to purchase a vacuum capping machine?

Release time:2020-10-24source:Huimi Boke

Vacuum capping machine generally refers to the mechanical equipment used for glass bottle Tinning capping and vacuum capping packaging. So far, there are mainly three types of vacuum capping machines that have been technically implemented: steam jet type, semi sealed vacuum type, and fully sealed vacuum type. The steam jet vacuum capping machine strictly states that there is no vacuum chamber, but instead chooses to exhaust with a steam tunnel equivalent to an exhaust box, achieving joint closure and twisting of the cap during the brief exhaust process. The semi sealed vacuum capping machine selects the sealing gasket at the top of the mechanical equipment to lower and press onto the shoulder of the glass bottle to form a vacuum chamber. Because the part that makes up the vacuum chamber is the glass bottle itself, it is called a semi sealed vacuum chamber. The fully sealed vacuum capping machine is designed with a product structure on the mechanical equipment that can completely form a vacuum chamber. The glass bottles are completely placed in the vacuum chamber to achieve vacuum extraction and then equipped with capping and capping.

As one of the key packaging machinery equipment for maintaining food quality and safety, vacuum capping machines are still widely used in our daily lives. Many buyers are relatively blind in the process of purchasing vacuum capping machines. In addition, there are many manufacturers of vacuum capping machines, and the recommended mechanical equipment is not the same, resulting in more confusion for buyers during the purchase process. In fact, choosing a suitable vacuum capping machine for oneself is not a challenge. The manufacturer of the vacuum capping machine told you that these are comprehensive and can be purchased with confidence.

1. Determine your own bottle shape. In general, vacuum capping machines, especially fully automatic vacuum capping machines, make molds based on the shape of glass bottles, and it is also necessary to determine the specifications, models, and dimensions of the glass bottles. For example, if the specifications, models, and dimensions of the bottle cap or bottle bottom are different, then the spare parts of the vacuum capping and vacuum pumping parts of the vacuum capping machine are not the same. Therefore, it is necessary to determine your own glass bottle specifications, models, sizes, and bottle types. When making molds or replacing molds, one reason is that the price is relatively high, and the other reason is that the replacement is not very comprehensive, so try to choose glass bottles with the same specifications, models, and sizes as much as possible.

2. Determine your own production and sales volume. When the production and sales of mechanical equipment are different, the selected models are also different, and the prices are naturally also different. In general, the higher the production and sales volume, the more the number of rotary capping heads selected, and the higher the price.

3. Selection of capping machine. We usually equip the bottle with a mechanical equipment for a fully automatic vacuum capping machine. These two mechanical equipment are generally used in sets.

4. Check the after-sales maintenance service. The vast majority of fully automatic mechanical equipment requires installation and debugging. Buyers should prepare their own air source and host power supply, which is convenient for after-sales maintenance and technical personnel to quickly adjust and use after arriving at the site, improving production efficiency. The vast majority of our mechanical equipment comes with a one-year warranty and lifelong maintenance. Warmly welcome new and old customers to our company for testing and purchasing.