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Huimi Boke
Huimi Boke
Huimi Boke

Tailored to your special requirements

We provide one-stop services such as on-site measurement, design drawing, equipment selection and matching, equipment installation and training。Provide you with suitable intelligent filling and packaging machines.

Provide you with various solutions

We have a good understanding of mechanical equipment and are proficient in the configuration of high, medium, and low gears of mechanical products in the industry and market. We can provide various solutions according to your different needs.

Huimi Boke
Huimi Boke

After sales guarantee

Our maintenance engineers have high comprehensive quality and professional skills. In addition to maintaining our company's machines normally, we are very happy to participate in the maintenance and repair of other related machines in your factory.

Replacement of some machines with old ones

Provide trade-in services for some machines, with senior assessors evaluating and pricing your idle equipment, and exchanging old for new

Implement price subsidies for remote areas, as well as OEM and equipment leasing services for some product packaging.

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