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Particle, powder, oil, and sauce production line

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About Us

Jinan Huimi Boke Technology Co., Ltd

Internet plus factory mode overall procurement solution, mature project cases;

The overall turnkey project of bagged, bottled powder, powder, and granular food production lines;

The overall turnkey project of the oil, seasoning, and jam production line.


Honorable qualifications

Solved the problem of dripping and leakage during the filling and packaging process of oil and sauce, obtained ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, and the core technology of multi head and multi pump edible oil filling; The core technology of vacuum suction anti drip filling head, anti drip sealing filling head, and liquid filling head.

The automated production line introduced by Huimiboke, which aims to do a good job, must first utilize its tools. It now has specialized machining workshops, assembly workshops, semi-finished product workshops, and finished product workshops. Through the management mode and production technology, the production platform has achieved specialization, scale, and modernization, forming a systematic production and processing capacity.