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What are the common faults of particle packaging machinery?

Release time:2020-10-22source:Huimi Boke

When you use a particle packaging machine, do you often encounter situations where the packaging machine malfunctions but you don't know how to repair it? So next, the editor summarized some common faults and related solutions related to particle packaging machines to help you deal with these troublesome problems.
Granular packaging machine

1、 Rolling failure

Reason analysis: Poor thermal regulation is mainly caused by insufficient pressure or uneven spring pushing force.

Solution: Appropriate pressure and temperature should be selected based on the thickness and type of packaging materials used. If the temperature of the sealing is too high and the sealing material is white, the packaging film at the sealing area is easy to fall off, and the pressure of each heat sealing roller is caused by the spring. In order to make adjustments, the temperature of the roller is controlled by a temperature controller to control the heating temperature of the heating rod. There are pressure adjustment buttons on the left and right sides of the horizontal sealing roller. Each adjustment button is composed of a push pull packaging machine button and a pull button combination. If only buttons are used, the hot roller will bear excessive pressure, which may cause poor sealing, so it should be appropriate. Use buttons and pull buttons, and provide adjustment buttons to seal the two horizontal positions of the heat roller to prevent uneven lateral force adjustment.

2、 Electromagnet malfunction

Cause analysis: The main reasons for the failure are internal faults in the equipment host, faults in the inductance coil, and interruptions in the distribution line.


1. Check if there is a problem inside and outside the device host.

2. Check if there is a live logo on the electromagnetic safety tube, remove mechanical equipment obstacles, and check if the internal switch power supply is normal.

3. The electromagnet does not suck into the weighing and packaging machine. The analysis of the causes of faults mainly includes sensor damage, bridge voltage failure, incorrect wiring, or power distribution line interruption.

4. Detect the connection between the sensor and the load signal or the device host, and then detect the switch power bridge and amplifier circuit or computer output display power circuit.

3、 Fault in the position of the turntable

1. Mix the packaged product with the heat sealed area.

Reason analysis: inconsistency between bag sealing and heat sealing

Solution: The double link transmission gear is connected to the rotary table transmission gear. Push the double link transmission gear upwards to change the engagement, so that the material during sealing is not easily detached. After the horizontal sealing is completed, when the particles are loaded into the bag. After adjustment, it cannot be changed arbitrarily.

2. The adjustment was made during the incision, and the malfunction occurred again.

Reason analysis: The fixed turntable is not well fixed, the key is loose, the screw is fixed, or the fixed position is incorrect, and the turntable cannot be opened or closed.

Solution: Fix the turntable in a reasonable position on the pillow type packaging machine, and then fix the keys and screws from the beginning. According to the adjustment of the opening and closing organization of the partition, fix the partition in a reasonable position. In addition, when loading a small amount of powder or a mixture of very different weights, the bag takes a long time, which can cause the powder to bite into the sealing material. At this point, the packaging speed should be slightly slowed down to rotate. It is more suitable for the performance of packaging materials.