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What are the requirements for the sauce packaging machine for the sauce packaging in small bags

Release time:2020-10-20source:Huimi Boke

Among many packaging forms, small bag packaging is a very popular and widely used packaging method in the market. Small bag packaging can generally ensure a one-time consumption without considering the storage difficulties of food after opening, and has natural advantages in ensuring product freshness and ensuring food safety; In addition, the small packaging itself occupies a small space and is particularly easy to carry, making it more popular in modern life. The explosion of small bag packaging has brought new opportunities to the production of fully automatic sauce packaging machines, which need to meet the special requirements of small bag packaging in order to better meet the production needs of small bag food.

Small packaging also puts forward the following requirements for fully automatic sauce packaging machines:

Firstly, small packaging requires faster packaging speed.

If small packaged soy sauce food is produced at the production speed of large packaging, there will be less soy sauce food that can be packaged per unit of time. The soy sauce packaging speed is directly linked to the work efficiency and profit of the enterprise, so the fully automatic soy sauce packaging machine needs to support production at a faster speed. However, the increase or decrease in speed of fully automatic sauce packaging machines is not simply achieved by expanding or reducing the machine volume. It is also necessary to consider and design various aspects such as internal structure operation, motor power, and machine bearing capacity.

Secondly, small packaging requires a sauce packaging machine with higher accuracy.

Taking a test tube and a measuring cup as an example, adding two drops of water to the test tube can clearly distinguish the difference on the scale, but the scale of the measuring cup remains unchanged. If the accuracy of the fully automatic sauce packaging machine is insufficient, it is particularly easy to manifest in the food packaging process, affecting the packaging effect and quality of the food.

Small packaging requires a more refined packaging effect from the sauce packaging machine

Paired with a good inkjet printer, the text and patterns on the small packaging are clear and beautiful, leaving a better impression on consumers on the appearance of the small packaging food packaging.

Therefore, it can be seen that the small bag sauce packaging machine still needs to be further improved in terms of machine speed, machine precision, production precision, and other aspects.