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How will robotic palletizers develop rapidly in the future?

Release time:2020-10-20source:Huimi Boke

Everyone should be aware that the emergence of every product has its value in use. Currently, whether it is industrial production or daily necessities, no one can leave the packaging and palletizing machine. Nowadays, it is all a period of automated and intelligent equipment. With the use of cutting-edge technology, people no longer need to work so hard, and the use of robots has gradually been promoted in the production of processing plants. Since then, transportation systems have been perfectly integrated with robots, resulting in a perfect packaging, palletizing, and transportation system.

At present, the use of robotics technology in logistics transportation is mainly concentrated in the two operational stages of packaging and stacking, transportation and loading and unloading. With the continuous emergence of new robotics technology, other logistics transportation industries have also seen examples of robot use. In order to better serve industrial and agricultural production and completely solve various factors that restrict the rapid development of robot palletizing technology, it is necessary to innovate and rapidly develop the new functions and advantages of robot palletizing. Therefore, the main trends in the future development of robot palletizing machines are as follows.

Improvement of automation level:

The close integration of mechanical and electronic technology has increasingly become the mainstream technology of robotic palletizing machines, and the degree of automation and intelligence is a particularly important indicator value for considering the level of robotic palletizing machines. The automation of robotic palletizing machines is mainly reflected in two fields: automatic control systems and automatic detection systems. The rapid improvement in automation of robotic palletizing machines is mainly due to the use of microelectronics, infrared sensing, temperature sensors, and other technologies. Among them, the use of microcomputers in robotic palletizing machines has greatly improved efficiency and quality.

Efficient operation of robot palletizing machines:

On the basis of efficient operation of a single machine, improve the overall high-speed operation of the robot stacker system. The efficient operation of robot palletizing machines is based on the improvement of automation level and optimization of robot structure, in order to improve the operation and work efficiency of the entire palletizing machine system.

Diverse functions of robot palletizing machines:

With the continuous and rapid development of the sales market for a variety of small batch products and the increase of small and medium-sized customers, the usage rate of robots that can only stack fixed batches and sizes has greatly decreased. Therefore, robot palletizers are gradually developing and innovating towards being able to be applied to various environments and products.

The times are constantly advancing and technology is developing rapidly. With the rapid development of robotics technology, it is evident that the main development prospects for robots in the future will still be to improve automation, accelerate production speed, diversify functions, and achieve industrial development.