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Industry information

What are the characteristics of the hot pot base material packaging machine?

Release time:2020-10-17source:Huimi Boke

The cold air really caught people off guard, and even some people vomit their food directly from summer to winter. At this time, hot pot has become people's preferred food, whether it is to eat out or cook directly at home, it is a delicious enjoyment. Eating hot pot cannot do without hot pot seasoning. In recent years, the hot pot seasoning industry has also undergone rapid transformation and upgrading. At the same time, it also drives the continuous progress of the packaging industry. Today, we will introduce our hot pot base material packaging machine. Let's take a look together.

The characteristics of the sauce packaging machine - hotpot base packaging machine equipment:

1. The hot pot bottom material packaging machine can quickly change the specifications of the packaging bags, and the bag width and size can be automatically adjusted with one click.

2. The hot pot bottom material packaging machine equipment uses pre made packaging bags, with beautiful and generous packaging patterns and tight sealing, thereby improving the quality of the entire packaged product.

3. Single Shaft-driven bicycle with internal cam design, faster packaging speed, more stable operation, low failure rate and more secure use

4. The hotpot bottom material packaging machine is equipped with modular heating, more accurate temperature control, and automatic alarm prompt in case of heating failure, improving the safety of use.

5. No bag, no packaging, automatic stop, reducing the loss of packaging materials and extending the operating life of the equipment. Reduce production costs for enterprises.

6. When using the advanced PLC+P0D (touch screen) electrical control system for the hot pot bottom material packaging machine, the human-machine interface is simple and convenient to operate, reducing the labor intensity of employees.

7. The chafing dish base packaging machine has a wide range of applications. Different materials can be packaged with different measuring devices, such as chafing dish base, chafing dish dip, chili sauce, Doubanjiang, meat paste, tomato paste, honey and other materials.

Nowadays, more and more enterprises are transitioning and upgrading towards intelligence. Our sauce packaging machines have also continued to move forward and undergo transformation and upgrading in this market. The hot pot base packaging machine equipment has been a sublimation of our production technology for several years. Our hot pot base processing and production line has added more innovative technologies, using intelligence, automation, and innovative technologies to meet market needs, It also reasonably saves waste in the production process and reduces costs. The characteristic and advantage of the hot pot bottom material packaging machine equipment is that it does not require direct contact with humans, and the remaining procedures are fully intelligent except for supporting equipment, greatly ensuring the cleanliness and hygiene of the hot pot bottom material. Friends in need are welcome to come to our company for on-site inspection.