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How to handle the scattering of materials by the powder packaging machine?

Release time:2020-10-17source:Huimi Boke

Why does the powder packaging machine experience scattering of materials? How can we resolve this issue? Let's take a look together now!

The effectiveness and compatibility of powder packaging machines in packaging powder materials are not satisfactory in most of these types of equipment. So, how can we solve the problem of material scattering in powder packaging machines?

Firstly, powder based products have small particles and are prone to powder "backlash" during the packaging process. The 'counter attack' situation can lead to lax packaging and sealing, and can contaminate the workplace to a certain extent. Due to the vertical packaging machine's vertical feeding process, the distance between the feeding port and the bottom of the packaging bag is relatively large, and the bag making process is carried out at the same time as packaging. During the feeding process, the material slides into the bag using the packaging material as a "slide". If the powder is lifted, it will contaminate the seal and prevent it from being sealed. In this way, the quality of the product is often affected.

The horizontal fully automatic packaging machine adopts the filling method of first making bags and then cutting materials, and the cutting mouth can directly penetrate into the bottom of the packaging bag to place materials, which can prevent dust from rising. If the powder particles are extremely fine and easy to lift, a suction device can also be installed at the upper seal to absorb a small amount of powder adsorbed by the bag opening. In addition, the horizontal fully automatic packaging machine adopts five horizontal seals to strengthen the sealing performance.

Due to its characteristic of horizontally moving bags, it can meet the requirements of manufacturers to increase workstations. And theoretically, horizontal packaging equipment can infinitely increase workstations. During the bagging process, different materials can be loaded into each bag one by one through different feeding devices, ensuring the accuracy of the formula. For example, a pack of instant soup ingredients contains both powdered materials (such as salt, chicken essence) and granular materials (such as dehydrated vegetables, dehydrated beef, etc.). The horizontal packaging equipment uses the first feeding device to input powdered materials during the bagging process, and the second feeding device inputs granular materials after the horizontal bagging process, and so on. The feeding port of the powder packaging machine can directly penetrate into the bottom of the packaging bag to place materials, which is an effective way to prevent dust from rising.