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Why is the heating wire of the Vacuum packing machine damaged?

Release time:2020-10-17source:Huimi Boke

The Vacuum packing machine can automatically extract the gas in the packaging bag to realize the sealing process after setting the vacuum degree. It is also possible to refill with nitrogen or other mixed gases, and then achieve the sealing process flow. The Vacuum packing machine is often used in the food industry. After Vacuum packing, food can resist oxidation, thus achieving the purpose of long-term preservation. All machines have the possibility of failure. The same is true for the small Vacuum packing machine below. Here's why the heating wire of the Vacuum packing machine is damaged:

1. Another reason for the burnt heating wire may be due to the low power of the transformer, which may be due to the phenomenon of product quality caused by shoddy products.

2. If the Vacuum packing time is too short, too much residual gas in the room will also lead to premature air oxidation of the heating wire. Generally, the heating wire of the food Vacuum packing machine is damaged less frequently.

3. This is the difficulty of programming design. The appropriate heating process is that the heating wire is only just starting to heat up after being pressed onto the sealing line, but many manufacturers blindly pursue it. Generally, the heating wire is not heated before being pressed, resulting in damage to the heating wire.

4. It should be related to the material of heating wire of food Vacuum packing machine. Nowadays, nickel chromium alloys or iron chromium are widely used. Nickel chromium alloys have high cost-effectiveness, are sturdy and durable, but they are also much more expensive than iron chromium. There are also types of electric heaters made of stainless steel plates, which are of poor quality and easily damaged.

5. Copper pillars are oxidized by too much air. Nowadays, most food Vacuum packing machines use copper pillars, which will be oxidized to grayish black after being used for a while, so the heating wire is easy to burn out.