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Industry information

What are the superior performance of the filling machine for replacing meal powder with grains and miscellaneous grains?

Release time:2020-10-23source:Huimi Boke

With the improvement of living standards, people are paying more and more attention to health and wellness. Due to the fact that most of the food eaten nowadays belongs to precision processing, various coarse grain foods have become a new favorite for daily health care among people in big cities, especially grains and miscellaneous grains, which are highly sought after by white-collar workers. It is reported that these grains and miscellaneous grains, when properly matched, not only can promote health and wellness, but also enhance beauty and beauty? In daily life, people cannot do without grains and miscellaneous grains, and similarly, they cannot do without the filling machine for grains and miscellaneous grains meal powder. Recently, we have specially developed a production line for grains and miscellaneous grains meal powder, and this powder filling machine has been highly sought after by enterprise users in the market due to its strong automation level and high-quality performance

The filling machine for the meal powder substitute of five grains and miscellaneous grains was redesigned and developed by our company based on practical needs according to market development needs, and meets China's GMP standards. The production line of five grains and miscellaneous grains as meal substitutes combines a new concept of packaging technology in the European region, with a more scientific and reasonable design, simplicity, and firmness. It can feed cans, measure, fill and discharge waste by itself, and is suitable for filling granular materials such as milk powder, Five-spice powder, nutrition powder, glucose, Rice noodles, etc. The cereal meal substitute powder has brought great convenience and power to people's modern life, so it can be seen that our cereal meal substitute filling machine has this great market prospect.


People are becoming increasingly concerned about health, and similarly, the filling requirements for powder filling machines and filling machines have become increasingly strict. In today's packaging market, this equipment continuously demonstrates its own progress and the use of advanced technology. The automatic filling production line is fully sealed, with air damping glass stainless steel composite material boxes, and material movements are clear at a glance. Dust is not leaking, and there is a vacuum device at the filling outlet, Protect the production workshop environment. Various product adjustment parameters and formulas can be stored, making it easy to use. This is also one of the major features of the filling machine for cereal meal powder. Therefore, if you need a filling machine for powder, please feel free to contact us at any time.