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How to select an appropriate measurement method for packaging according to the characteristics of materials

Release time:2020-10-17source:Huimi Boke

Let's select a few very typical examples to analyze in depth how to choose a packaging machine?

1. Food has relatively high requirements for flavor retention, which one is suitable for packaging.

Answer: Food pillow packaging machine, the most important thing for food packaging is to preserve the quality and taste of food, including many types of meat products, snacks, and so on.

2. How to choose packaged milk powder.

Answer: Milk powder has high hygiene requirements and is a powder type material. Based on the characteristics of milk powder, determine the suitable packaging measurement method for milk powder: screw measurement. Calculate the weight of milk powder by volume,.

3. How to choose a suitable packaging machine for crispy and fragile potato chips that require measurement.

Answer: Potato chips, flakes, suitable for measurement method: electronic scale. Potato chips are crispy and fragile, and may experience fragmentation during the cutting process. However, potato chips are very light and rarely break under the influence of gravity.

4. How to choose screw packaging machines based on the characteristics of counting and measuring screws, hardware accessories, and plastic parts.

Answer: In many electrical and furniture industries, screws are required for installation. For these industries, customized screw packaging machines are usually used to measure the quantity of packaging using vibration discs for cutting and fiber counting based on customer requirements.

5. How to choose granule granules.

Answer: Granules, small particle materials, and small packaging bags. You can choose a measuring cup to measure its weight.

6. The characteristics of shampoo liquid fluidity and how to choose liquid packaging machines.

Answer: Liquid has strong fluidity and is not easy to separate. Choose a liquid pump to measure its volume and calculate its weight.

7. Pillow type horizontal packaging machine is designed for the pillow type packaging of solid objects, suitable for packaging various solid and regular objects.

Answer: For food related cookies, buns, mooncakes, candies, and other daily chemical products, industrial production components, remote controls, hardware handles, etc. For loose or individual separated objects, the wrapped items must be placed in a box or tied together to form a whole before packaging.

Basically, all materials need to choose appropriate measurement methods based on their characteristics in order to achieve good packaging results